Meet The Super-Fly Team

Jacqueline Cameron,

Founder & President

When my husband, Dr. Jack Cameron DC, was forced into retirement at age 58 because of an unrelenting degenerative muscle disease, our lives were forever altered and the Super-Fly journey began.

We developed a keen awareness of how challenging everyday activities we had previously taken for granted had become. The use of a canister or catheter to void, or changing an ostomy can be very frustrating and difficult for those who have had that part of their daily independence altered. The once simple acts of dressing and undressing became uncomfortable and, at times, painful. We had to find a solution.

Shopping for adaptive wear was a disappointment. I could not find the kind of clothes my husband was accustomed to wearing. There were no options that offered the quality, style, comfort and design features that would allow me to continue to care for Jack as long as I possibly could in the comfort of our home. In my desire to make life easier for Jack, his caregivers and myself, I started creating more functional adaptive clothing.

It was out of love and compassion that I created the “easy on easy off” Super-Fly clothing for my husband. Now Jack’s closet is full of stylish, comfortable and easy choices that has made it a pleasure to get dressed – and get out of the house –again.

When primary Health Care Providers, OT’s, friends, families and caregivers saw my Super-Fly “easy on easy off” designs, they unanimously declared, “Share this with the world!” Over and over again, we were told how much people with limited mobility needed my design of adaptive clothing. Their persuasion and persistent encouragement motivated me to take my Super-Fly work out of the home and introduce it to the world.

Today, at age 75, retired, it is most gratifying to realize that I have accomplished my goals and objectives in the Business World. Currently enjoying my children and grandchildren, it is time to listen to my heart and respond to all who are supporting and encouraging me to produce Super Fly Apparel. It is with faith, love and compassion that I introduce it to you. Super-Fly has become such a positive and uplifting mission in our lives.

We are thrilled to have gathered around us a remarkable team of enthusiastic, talented individuals who have the passion and vision to launch Super Fly Apparel Inc., and make life better.


Michelle Cameron-Coulter, 

Corporate Development & Community Awareness

I am continually inspired and amazed by my parents. They not only raised an amazing blended family of ten kids, they always taught us there is a way.

One of the greatest gifts is resiliency and determination. As a child, I had an extreme fear of the water. I even failed my 1st level four times! Who would have ever guessed I would go on to be an Olympic Champion in the sport of Synchronized Swimming.

Life can bring challenges to us all and my parents certainly were hit with a life altering challenge twenty years ago when my father was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. It was devastating to say the least, and the reality and the debilitation of this disease has been taking its toll especially the last couple years.

How my parents have faced their challenges and chosen to embrace them for the better continues to inspire me.

One of my moms mottos is, “Something positive comes out of every situation”. In starting Super-Fly, she truly has transformed a negative into a positive. Her incredible creativity and strong desire to improve lives has made my father’s life easier and given him back pride and dignity.

Introducing Super-Fly to the world is a gift that will transform so many lives for the better, and I am so incredibly inspired and honoured to be part of it!



Patrick Jarvis,

Board Member and Director

Patrick is a Paralympian (Barcelona,1992 – athletics) and has been involved with Canadian Paralympic sport as a volunteer since 1987, including serving seven years as President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC). Professionally, he consults on the strategy, design, and delivery of corporate training programs.

Patrick has served numerous organizations including the Board of Directors of the Organizing Committee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC); IOC Evaluation Commission and IOC Coordination Commissions for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; WinSport (Calgary); Lift Partners (Vancouver); the University of Guelph Board of Governors; and is in his second four-year term as a Governing Board member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Still active in sports, including basketball, curling, skiing, and cycling, Patrick ran the Boston 2011 Marathon as a fundraiser for Paralympic sport development. He’s also known to torment the occasional golf course.


Glenn Suart,

Strategy & Finance

Glenn has spent 25 years in strategy and new enterprise development at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting, Nordicity and with his own consulting firm WriteMyPlan.  Based in Calgary, he is the host of the syndicated “Today’s Great Idea” radio feature and an Instructor in Strategy at Mount Royal University.


Robin Lynas

Retail/Wholesale Consultant

Robin has spent almost 25 years in the apparel and footwear retail/wholesale industry. He spent almost 21 years at Mark’s which has been part of the Canadian Tire Family of businesses since 2002.

Robin was a key member of the Mark’s executive team for over 16 years and held roles as the VP of Corporate Development, VP Imagewear B2B Division, Chief Compliance Officer, and Chief Information Officer.

He has a proven track record in business to business and business to consumer sales, business strategy, brand management, franchise relations, mergers & acquisitions, and international operations, delivering continuous growth in the retail, wholesale and direct sales markets.

Robin now consults and provides interim management.

Jacqueline and Jack’s story is infectious and Jacqueline’s devotion to Jack was truly amazing. The Cameron family has touched my heart and I look forward to working with the Super-Fly team to drive the growth of Super-Fly, enabling all mobility challenged individuals with access to quality clothing options that offer dignity, time-savings, convenience and safety for themselves and their caregivers.


Ramon Vrielink / Lianne Cameron-Vrielink,

Marketing, Design & Development


Ramon is a graduate of Montana State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design and a Master of Arts in Architecture.

His experience in Architectural/ Conceptual design and CG visual effects dates back to his graduate studies, when he explored architecture and design through digital media technologies. Following his studies at MSU, Ramon has collaborated with prominent Design and Architecture firms in California, New York, Hawaii and Canada.

Currently Ramon and Rav Productions are producing VR Architectural Animations and Illustrations for many of the elite Commercial, Residential & Resort agencies in Hawaii, while adding his passion of photography and design through their own Apparel Brand Salty Wear.